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About Association for Play Therapy Arizona

 The Arizona Association for Play Therapy (AZAPT) is a state branch of the Association for Play Therapy, Inc. (APT).

The purpose of AZAPT is to provide a forum for the discussion of play therapy principles, practices, and advocacy. AZAPT seeks to:

  • Advance the discipline of play therapy.
  • Conduct and foster programs of education in the field of play therapy.
  • Provide a networking resource for all members.
  • Advance the standards of professional conduct through education, professional meetings, and conferences.
  • Inform and educate the general public and the mental health community about the play therapy profession.
  • Establish contracts with various organizations for support and educational pursuits.
  • Advocate for the rights of children, their families and significant others.


The Mission of AZAPT is to Advance the Practice of Play Therapy through Education, Training and Advocacy.


A World of Play Therapy where the past is healed and the future is possible.

Arizona Association for Play Therapy

10869 N. Scottsdale Road, Suite 103-243

Scottsdale, AZ 85254

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